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Mid-century echoes, comfort and quietude


The sixties and seventies aesthetic that prevails in The Brecon’s 18 rooms and four suites makes for a tacit tribute to The Brecon’s mid-century heyday, and for the utmost comfort. It’s effected in part by a subdued earthy palette, natural materiality and comforting textures, which sit in pleasing harmony and equally pleasing contrast with views of the Adelboden Massif – a coolly majestic presence, visible from every window.


Our ethos

We believe in the wonderfully restorative qualities of gracious, old-school Swiss hospitality and the remarkable beauty of Adelboden and its surrounding environment. These are at the heart of what we offer our guests.


In renovating, we wanted to create a hotel for people who’d prefer to remain unseen, a hideaway with a subtle but pervasive emphasis on the comforts of home and the best of traditional Swiss hospitality.

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