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A consistently soft landing...

Warm hospitality and intuitively attentive service are the heart of The Brecon. It’s a place where you can relax completely, be entirely yourself, and enjoy not having to think about the humdrum of life admin.

Heart of living and sharing...


The dining area and lounge are configured for all-day access for guests, served by a well-oiled family kitchen equipped to accommodate individual needs. Whenever you’re hungry there’ll always be something deliciously sustaining on offer, and you can help yourself to a drink from the expertly stocked adjacent bar.


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Feel at home...

Thanks largely to our staff members, who are not only knowledgeable, helpful and efficient – though they’re certainly all three – but also highly attuned to guests’ wants and needs. Engaging and ever ready to extend gracious service, attentive but never intrusive.

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They’ll sense when you want to be left alone, and equally, when you feel like company and conversation, and when a massage, spa treatment, swim or yoga session might make a great day even better.

We’ve made sure all these options are accommodated thoughtfully, with beautifully appointed rooms where you can decompress in peaceful solitude; larger shared spaces (shared only with other guests, that is) where you can read, play chess, and eat, drink and socialise as you wish; and excellent spa facilities, a relaxation room, and a heated pool in which you can unwind at length.